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Saskatchewan on Foot!
GITG This or That Fun Fitness
Copy of Black and Yellow Emergency Respo
Fitness Word Find
Movement Log 1
Flip a Coin Fitness with Deanna Wells
Grateful Hi5
Movement Log 2
Copy of Pastel Colored Eggs Easter Card.

For Your Information 

Check out some resources from our favourite organizations!

She-Belongs_Canadian-Women-Sport Page 1.

She Belongs is a resource for coaches that offers recommendations to engage girls and women in sport! This resource is from Canadian Women in Sport organization, (formerly CAWWS).

Sport for Life Quality Sport Checklist

Sport for Life is a national organization that challenges sport organizations across Canada to make their programs the best they can be!

Physical Literacy Infographic

What is Physical Literacy? Why is it important? Find out more at

AFL Recipe for an Active Day (PDF)

Check out these ideas from Active for Life on how to stay busy during the day!

The Multi-Sport Approach

What is the benefit from the Multi-Sport Approach? Find out more at


Why is sport so important for girls? Why are girls dropping out of sport? Find the answers to these questions and so many more in this infographic from CAAWS. (CAAWS is now known as Canadian Women in Sport.)

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