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Who We Are & What We Are ABOUT!

At Girls in the Game, WE BELIEVE...

POSITIVE SPORT EXPERIENCES EMPOWER young girls! We BELIEVE that positive sport experiences improve self-esteem, strengthen relationships, and build leadership skills that will serve them not only in the gym or on the field, but throughout the rest of their lives!


At Girls in the Game, WE OFFER...

OPPORTUNITIES FOR GIRLS TO BUILD THEIR SELF-ESTEEM through sport programs, special events and advocacy initiatives for girls and women in sport. All Girls in the Game programs are led by strong, female role models with a background in sport.


At Girls in the Game, WE ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT...

CREATING A FUN, NON-COMPETITIVE ENVIRONMENT where young girls feel comfortable to make mistakes, and improve their FUNdamental movement and sport skills.  

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Coach Raynelle getting our grade 9 & 10
We had a great finish to our Spring Mult
Thanks Coach Ashley for showing us you R
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EVERY GIRL deserves an opportunity to


Our Story...

Girls in the Game was brought to life through the work of Dr. June Zimmer. June started the Girls in the Game in 2008 to provide young girls with an opportunity to build their sport skills, but more importantly, to use sport as a tool build friendships, improve their self-esteem, and to teach important life long lessons. June passed on the torch to Kaylan and Raynelle in 2017. 

Parent Testimonial...

"Our daughter Macy has participated in a number of the Girls in the Game programs. As a parent, we see the values that the coaches bring to the program. It's not about winning or losing, it truly focuses on bringing the best out in each young girl, greeting one another with a smile, a high five, maintaining a can-do spirit, a positive attitude, and making new friends all while learning a new sport or skill. Macy always looks forward to Girls in the Game for those reasons. We have witnessed our daughter get a boost in her confidence, gain an understanding and develop skills in a variety of sports, and learn how important it is to be a good person. Girls in the Game has provided a number of fun, memorable moments for not only our daughter, but our entire family!" ~Mitchell Clark

Our Leaders...

We had such a great time last night at o

Girls in the Game CEO

B.Ed of Elementary Education 

Canfitpro Certified Personal Trainor

NCCP Trained Volleyball Development Coach

NCCP Trained Fundeamental Movement Coach

NCCP Run Jump Throw (Trained)

NCCP Ultimate Frisbee Coach (Trained)

NCCP Keeping Girls in Sport 

Kaylan Berg

​Kaylan was exposed to sport and physical activity at a very young age. Growing up on a farm in rural Alberta, she had regular opportunities to participate in community sport programs including volleyball, basketball, softball, track, team handball, as well as outdoor activities such as hiking and canoeing.  Her love of sport continued through university where she played varsity women’s volleyball for the MacEwan Griffins, as well as the University of Alberta Pandas. As an adult, she still enjoys participating in both recreational and competitive sport.  Kaylan currently is an Elementary Physical Education Teacher with Regina Public Schools and is passionate about coaching!

Raynelle’s nieces came to hang out tonig

Girls in the Game CFO

B. Kinesiology

NCCP Basektball Coach Developer

NCCP Basektball Coach Evaluator

NCCP Ultimate Frisbee Coach (Trained)

NCCP Trained Fundeamental Movement Coach

NCCP Keeping Girls in Sport 

NCCP Making Headway

UofR Coach for Women's Ultimate Frisbee

Raynelle Fisher

Raynelle has been playing sports since she was 11 years old, and has been coaching for over 15 years.  She has played both recreationally, as well as competitively in the sports of basketball, softball, and ultimate frisbee.  Raynelle has also worked in the Sport and Recreation field for over 15 years. She has a strong understanding of the benefits sport can provide to individuals in their everyday lives. She currently works at Evraz Place supporting tenants and the delivery of their events; (tenants including the Regina Pats, Roughriders, FR Regina, UofR Cougars, Hockey Regina, and more!)

Our Mission

Raynelle and Kaylan met like most athletes do... through sport! They currently play women's recreational women's basketball together, as well as competitive ultimate frisbee on Regina's travelling women's team Korra. 

Raynelle and I are super excited to be r

Our Coaches...

Strong, female role models are a HUGE part of our programs! Each of our coaches is passionate about empowering young girls through sport. Although our coaches come from different sport backgrounds, participation in sport has positively affected our lives. We want to help girls fall in love with sport just as we did!

Interested in coaching?

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