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Girls in the Game FREE PDFs

Choose your favourite activity and click on the image to access a free PDF!

My Healthy Habits

Encourage your girl to build healthy habits with her own habit tracker!

Saskatchewan on Foot!
GITG This or That Fun Fitness
Copy of Black and Yellow Emergency Respo
Flip a Coin Fitness with Deanna Wells

Flip a coin with Sports Performance Coach Deanna Wells! All exercises can be modified to any fitness level. Check out our instagram IGTV @girlsinthegameregina to see Deanna demo all of the exercises in the workout!

Easter Bunny Bootcamp!

Train like an Easter Bunny with this circuit challenge!

Stay Active During COVID19

Check out our 5 Tips to keeping your kiddos active during COVID19. Print the PDF and hang on your fridge as a reminder!

Fitness Word Find

Find the words and complete the exercises!

Grateful Hi5

List at least 5 things you are grateful for and bring your awareness back to it daily with a hi5

Stars Movement Log

Colour a star for every 15 minutes of physical activity you do each day!

Check It Movement Log

Check off a box for every 15 minutes of physical activity you complete each day!

Goal Setting

Outline a goal you want to achieve and then plan the steps you need to take to get there!

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