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Summer Camps 2023

Summer Camp Registration is now closed. Email us at: to take part. 

Registered and need info on your camp?
Click Here! 

Sport and Self-Esteem Summer Camp

Full Day- Indoor

At Girls in the Game, summer is our FAVOURITE time of year! Our summer camps offer a wide variety of opportunities for girls to connect with sport and build their self-esteem!


Each day girls will:

*Practice FUNdamental movement skills!

*Learn sport specific skills! (Each day focuses on a different sport.)

*Participate in a full self-esteem lesson on important topics such as positive self-talk, confidence, body image, and stereotypes!

*Build strong relationships with other girls!

*Be coached by strong, female role models!

These camps sell out quickly, so do not wait to register! 


Ages: 5-11

Day/ Time: Monday - Friday from 9:00am-4:00pm


(Early drop-off/ late pick-up available)

Dates: July 17-22 or July 24-28

Location: Lakeview United Church- 3200 McCallum Ave

Price: $265 (includes a Girls in the Game T-shirt)

Girls ROCK!

Climbing Camp


Rock Climbing is one of our most popular programs, and we are SO EXCITED to offer it as a summer camp! Climbing is an amazing way for girls to build strength in their bodies, perseverance, problem solving, and their confidence!


In this week long, 1/2 day camp, girls will learn and practice rock climbing techniques as they boulder, top-rope, and climb using the auto-belay! Each day will also include a a self-esteem lesson. 

*Rock Climbing Shoes and Harness provided

Ages: 8-12 years old

Day/ Time: Monday - Friday from 9:00am- 11:30am

Dates: July 31- Aug 4

Location: Regina Climbing Centre

Price: $315 (includes rental equipment, climbing facility fee, and a Girls in the Game T-shirt)

Harness the Horse Power!

2 Day Camp


Harness the Horse Power Camp is back!

This class is specially designed to develop leadership and life skills for our girls through the equestrian experience.  This class is not just about riding or horsemanship. Your lessons will be learned out of the saddle and on the ground, using horses as powerful teaching tools in a safe and non-threatening environment.  Girls will spend 2 days learning how to ride, feed, groom, and play with Cookie, Lizzie and Gun over at Beaver Creek Ranch ( We only have room for 10 girls per session, so space is limited! 

Ages: 8-12 years old

Day/Time: 9:00am - 3:00pm


Camp 1: Mon & Tues, July 17-18

Camp 2: Tues & Wed, Aug 2-3 [SOLD OUT]

Camp 3: Mon & Tues, Aug 22-23


Location: Beaver Creek Ranch (

Price: $300 (includes a Girls in the Game t-shirt)


Check out this video to see what parents and campers think of our Sport & Self-Esteem Summer Camps!

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